About Us

In 2005, LSR+ Inc. formally started as a Corporation, but that was not the beginning for our company.  Starting at just 16 years old, Gordon began assisting a mentor doing snow removal and lawn care.  Little did he know at that time that years later, he would be running his own business and mentoring many other people.  

LSR+ Inc. is a business that operates in the property services space for commercial businesses throughout the Midwest region.  As a property services company, LSR+ Inc. will get your snow removal, lawn care, parking lot and sidewalk maintenance, and building maintenance needs done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.   We strive to make sure that our customer’s needs are not only met but exceeded. 

Gordon is the President and CEO of LSR+ Inc. and is the face of our business.  He is the person who deals with job-related aspects.  Debra is the Vice-President and handles the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable areas.   We have a variety of primary sub-contractors that we work with to complete your needs. 

LSR+ Inc. About Us
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